About Diamond Membership
The Diamond Membership program is the highest level of membership you can get at Case's Ladder. It's designed for players who want the very best. Diamond Members get every benefit that other levels receive but with more power available on many of them. It's like a souped up version of Platinum.

Diamond Membership is not designed for everyone. If you're just starting out you might want to check out our Platinum or Gold Memberships. The Diamond membership is here for the hard core Case's Ladder players. It's for power users, and those who know exactly what they get out of Case's Ladder.

 Why Diamond?
The Diamond Membership was created in response to repeated requests from our members. As most of you know, Case's Ladder is still online and running only thanks to the support of our premium members. Without their continued financial contribution to the site it would be way too expensive to operate. We created the Diamond Membership in response to the many inquiries we have received from members looking for a beefier version of the Platinum membership, as well as the ability to show more financial support to the site where they spend so much of their free time. We know Diamond isn't for everyone, but for those of you who have been asking---here you go!

 So What's Different?
You get all the features of Gold and Platinum, of course. We have also enhanced some of the key features for diamond members. Let's take a look...

Gold Membership covers one, Platinum covers five...Diamond covers up to TEN LADDERS at once! (some restrictions apply)
You asked for it and now we deliver. Earn six times the standard LadderBux awards across the whole site. You'll be able to redeem prizes much faster!
Our technical support system has been revamped for Diamond members. You'll get awesome support. Get a reply to all issues submitted to our technical support staff within SIX hours during normal business hours.
Use your LadderBux to give a free trial Gold Membership to your friends. (some restrictions apply)
Play in tournaments a lot? Like helping your friends out and paying their entrance fees? With Diamond you can give away up to 10,000 LadderBux per week!
Access to The Hideout! A place reserved for the most die-hard supporters of Case's Ladder. Our staff will frequent this forum often to respond to your concerns.
This awesome looking icon goes right next to your name on the ladder!
How about something cool for next to your name in forum posts? REALLY stand out!
You get dozens of other features - if you don't know what they are, you probably shouldn't get Diamond!
The Internet is changing. Advertising brings in very little money compared to a year ago. The future for sites is being supported by their users. This is the main reason to go Diamond: You love Case's and think it's worth supporting.
Each morning we will E-mail you a list of tournaments that are taking place that day on the leagues you play in. You can set this feature up so that you only receive the mailings for the leagues you specify.
From the Find Player page, we will generate a summary of the ladders you are on. The page features your current rank, some statisitics, your current LadderBux total, and you highest acheived rank. Can show up to 10 ladders and we also give you the ability to disable the feature so that other players can not see the other ladders you are on!
We offer Diamond Members LIVE one on one support from our staff. You can resolve an account-related problem in seconds instead of waiting hours or days for E-mail.
If you are a diamond member and are also in our tournament director program, you are eligible to donate your LadderBux to the pot ten times per month.

Now think about it. We know that Diamond isn't for everyone. It's new, and we will be adding more features in the future. Still, we don't expect everyone to run out and buy one. But we do know there are many people who are very loyal to the site and want to us continue to grow. And they want to feel like they are part of one of the last "community built" sites on the Net. How often do you see a site with three million users that gives you direct access to their top executives? It's getting rarer and rarer. If you value things like this, please consider a Diamond membership.

 Membership Policies
  • Membership is non-refundable after 30 days.
  • Members who upgrade from a yearly Platinum membership will have immediate access to all ten ladders. If you quit before your original Platinum year expires, up to five accounts will revert to Platinum.
  • Members who upgrade from monthly Platinum membership will have their billing changed to Diamond rates.
  • All Diamond issues submitted will be responded to within the same day if submitted during normal business hours. (Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST)
  • The one year Diamond membership can be applied to up to ten accounts. Diamond membership can be applied to one additional account each month you are Diamond, to a maximum of ten. You have 2 accounts available to use the first month and you will be able to add a third account after 60 days, then you can add another account every 30days. This only applies to accounts which are yours and is intended for people who are participating on several ladders. (You cannot apply it to your friends accounts).
  • If you quit the program the Diamond membership will revert to a Gold Membership for the accounts that it had been applied to. Leaving the Ladder voluntarily (Withdrawing) will terminate your Diamond Membership for that account.
  • If you leave Diamond, the resulting Gold memberships will last for six months from the date of removal. (Only the accounts on your Diamond Membership at the time of cancellation will fall back to six months of Gold)
  • Diamond Members must still follow all rules as posted on the Ladder pages. Members are not exempt from nor will we be forgiving to members who abuse the rules.
  • Case's Ladder reserves the right to modify all aspects of the Diamond membership program at any time without prior notice.
  • Case's Ladder reserves the right to revoke membership at any time without prior notice.
  • Case's Ladder reserves the right to shut down the entire site or a specific portion of the site. Members will not get refunds for such shut downs.
  • The monthly charge for Monthly Diamond Memberships is automatic and can vary 1 or 2 days depending on how many days are in the month.
  • If you choose the Online Check billing option and your monthly payment is returned for Insufficient Funds, it will automatically be represented to your bank one additional time.
  • If you choose the Credit Card billing option and your monthly payment is declined for Insufficient Funds, it will automatically retry the following day and if that should also decline, a 3rd attempt will be made 7 days after the initially scheduled billing.
  • Your subscription is personal to you, and you may not transfer or make available your account name and password to others, including without limitation the members of your household, your family and/or co-workers. Any distribution by you of your account name and password may result in cancellation of your subscription without refund and in additional charges based on unauthorized use.

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